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"I love acting. It is so much more real than life." Oscar Wilde

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Fancy & Joey Episode 2

In this second and final episode of Stephen Bracco's 'Fancy & Joey', Fancy finally grants my character Joey a wish on her magic birthday--but it is not what he expects.

Fancy & Joey Episode 1

In this first episode of "Fancy & Joey", I play a NYC psychiatrist who Fancy has turned into a liver with her special birthday powers.

Mrs G

Here I voice the character of “The Man”, whose life is falling apart after he is convicted of being a pedophile.

Last Uber To Woodstock

In this audio play, I voice the role of Aaron, a NYC brandscape consultant.

10 Lime Street

I voice all of the male characters in this BBC Radio 4 drama based on seances Margery Crandon conducted in her Boston home.

The Spy Who Raised Me

In this A&E movie, I play an FBI agent bugging the home of a Russian spy living in the US.


Directed by Kamil Iwanowicz

In this psychological thriller, I play the voice of a sociopathic doctor lurking in the protagonist’s mind.

A single man

Directed by Tom Ford and David Scearce

In this re-enactment from the movie, I play a professor having a surprisingly flirtatious conversation with one of his students.

People he worked with:


Pearson Head Office

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I had a pleasure to work with Brent on Pearson’s 360-degree projects for the past year. He provided very high-quality voiceover services and did research to ensure that even the complex pronunciations are delivered with accuracy. Brent is very good with communication and I was always confident that he will respond and help even with the last minute changes. He is very reliable, patient and easy to work with.

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Owner/CFO of
Christmas Matters Holiday Carolers

For the past two holiday seasons, Brent has been an exemplary tenor (and sometimes even Bass, in a pinch) in our holiday caroling company, Christmas Matters Holiday Carolers: We continue to hire Brent for our seasonal gigs because of his excellent voice, professionalism, consistent timeliness, and charismatic approach to ensemble work and audience engagement. (And he’s also just an all-around lovely human to be around!)


London-based filmmaker, director, gaffer, and director of photography

It was a great pleasure to work with Brent - his dedication, talent and great attitude all made it a great experience!